Thursday, January 11, 2007



teacher sorry, I can't speak English. Today is last. Please forgive me.


さて、この素晴らしいドラえもんですが、作者 藤子・F・不二夫先生はドラえもんを書くことへの情熱として、こんな事を書いています。








Thursday, December 14, 2006


100 point test

Please solve it now!
…This is not easy for forth grade
Nobita has get 100points in test only one time.
This is that test!!!
That's great!
Nobita want to be always like this…
but He can't.
so do you think
What do they say???
「No, the eagle also doubted eyes. It is 100 points no matter how it examines it. It often did Mr. Nobi. 」
It is gentle. Though the start might not have been believed.
"It must be not nobita's, if it is 100 points. "
It doesn't believe.
「There are no 100 points in. It makes a mistake the name or the point ..which it is... 」
It doesn't believe.
「It is not the one decided only in the test. It is not test good even by 0 points. It is drop as for power. It holds out this ..the next... 」
It doesn't believe.
Nobita's mama
「I have a headache in the morning. ..there is no examination paper ..wanting see..... 」
It doesn't believe.
"Ah did you finally cheat?"
It doesn't believe.
No one believes.
Oh, very sad Nobita!

That's truth!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


How many ?


Do you know how many items doraemon have?

He have 1024 items!

so, If you get doraemon items, What would you want?

dokodemo door?

Please tell me!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I cry

Last week, I cry very much.
but I often cry. Last time I cryed 8 years ago.

So why do I cry?

I watched the video.

Of course I watched 'Doraemon'!!!

Do you know ' Doraemon Return'?
Mr. Fuziko F Fuzio dicided to end Doraemon long time ago. That time, Doraemon is not popular much. so Mr. Fuziko F Fuzio write last story about Doraemon.


Many Boys and girls who read last story wanted to continue Doraemon. Many people say 'Please don't stop Doraemon story!'

so, Doraemon continue.

and 1998 years, that story ' Doraemon return' becomes carton movie.
I watched on school boy days. I cryed bitterly in teather.

and 8 years later
Last week, I watched again.
Needless to say, I cry bitterly agin.

I love Doraemon forever.

10 years later, I will be 28 years old.
I want to be 28 years old man who cry after watching 'Doraemon return'.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


End of Doraemon part2


so,today I will talk about End of Doraemon.

This story is in internet. Doraemon's fun makes story.

Doraemon didn't move suddenly on a one day.
It has been understood as the cause the dead battery .
However, if the batteries are exchanged, it has been understood to forget every day spent with Nobita (reset). He explained to everyone, 'Doraemon returned to the future'.
Nobita studies very very hard because, he want to fix Doraemon.
he grows up to the robotics person of a top class.
Doraemon that repaired by nobita is turned on.
so Doraemon says as usual,
'Nobita, do it your homework, and did it end?'

Doraemon revives!

Doraemon is produced by Nobita.

Fist, I read this story. I cried a little.
This is very moving story.
I think it is very wanderful that Doraemon's fun make wondeful it !

so, I say

Doraemon is very very wonderful!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


End of doraemon

Do you know last story about doraemon?

so,Fuziko F Fuzio don't make last story about doraemon.
He is dead before making last story.


Today, in Internet, making last story about doraemon

I sarch for last story by internet.
That story is not made by Fuziko F Fuzio

I try to find the last story!

Plesase wait!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


This picture is nobita drink 'yukkurikusuri'.
yukkurikusuri is becoming people slow.

and nobita drink too much.
so, he say 'fya~~~~~'

so doraemon have very unique.
and he don't have very dangerous tool. It's a very savety and funny tool.

and people say
Doraemon never have given nobita courage.
so nobita have courage every time.

This is very beutiful story!

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